Andrew Blair – The R-Pattz Facttz



The Speakeasy


Wed 31 May 19:30

Andrew Blair is a writer/performer living in Musselburgh. The R Pattz Facttz is a show about Robert Pattinson, the popular actor, and how the entirety of mythology and masculinity can be viewed through his existence.

I generally write poems, and at Hidden Door 2017 I want to reveal Robert Pattinson’s soul to you, so I’ve asked other poets to explore key aspects of Robert Pattinson’s being. As he’s probably the best man ever, I expect this to reveal many truths about what it means to be alive now.

There’ll be a live band providing a noirish backdrop, and it will undoubtedly leave the audience with questions. To answer the main one: Robert Pattinson was in Twilight. The main one. No, not the werewolf. He was in Harry Potter, but he died. Yeah. Him.