Anna Meredith



Main Auditorium


Fri 26 May 22:15

Friday 26 May

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Anna Meredith is a composer, producer and performer of both acoustic and electronic music. Her sound is frequently described as ‘uncategorisable’ and ‘genre-defying’ and straddles the different worlds of contemporary classical, art pop, electronica and experimental rock – or as the Guardian said: “majestic bangers”.

Oh yeah, and she also came top of The List’s Hot 100 in 2016.

“Anna Meredith is a musical jack of all trades and master of many.” – David Pollock, The List

Appearing at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March, Anna attracted rave reviews and a fresh wave of fans. “You’ve never seen anything like Anna Meredith“, said one review. We couldn’t agree more.

“Sorting through the influences and elements of Meredith’s tunes is part of the fun. Combining elements of metal, techno, 8-bit videogame chiptune, jazz drumming, and pop in songs with time signatures that would require a mathematics degree to count, Anna Meredith is one to watch for those who embrace music that is truly outside the ordinary.”

The praise didn’t end there, with another reviewer placing it in his top 20 shows ever seen.

“The array of instruments on hand might portend an incoherent ruckus — tuba, xylophone, clarinet, two drum kits, cello, electric guitar and so on — yet Meredith’s music held together beautifully. It was a stormy, ecstatic, endlessly danceable thrill to behold.”


Her music has been performed everywhere from the BBC Last Night of the Proms to flashmob body-percussion performances in the M6 Services, PRADA & Fendi fashion campaigns, numerous films, installations and documentaries, pop festivals, clubs and classical concert halls worldwide and broadcast on Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6.

“Vibrant and kaleidoscopic in a way few musicians could ever muster… a talent like no other” – DIY

Her debut album, Varmints was released in March 2016 on Moshi Moshi/PIAS to huge critical acclaim with numerous 4 and 5 star reviews from press and media around the world including Pitchfork’s coveted Best New Music. Varmints was Loud & Quiet’s Album of the Year 2016 & won the 2016 Scottish Album of the Year (SAY Award). 

“One of the most innovative minds in modern British music” – Pitchfork