Edinburgh Short Film Festival



The Cinema Space at the old Leith Theatre


Sun 4 June 14:00

Dedicated and passionate about short film, The Edinburgh Short Film Festival brings the best contemporary Scottish, UK and international short film to the city each year. This year they’re curating three nights in the Hidden Door Cinema space.

Saturday 27 May, 7:45pm

The Edinburgh Short Film Festival presents an evening of award-winning animation from our 2016 edition; Surreal Mexican Claymation, offbeat Glaswegian puppet comedy, Hauntingly dark visions based on Aesops Fables and alongside these we have edgy animated comedy from Canada, a wonderfully atmospheric Greek fantasy & a whole bunch more – as well as some friendly ESFF folks to keep you company!

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Tuesday 30 May, 7:30pm – Staff Picks Night

The Edinburgh Short Film Festival’s enthusiastic staff have put together a programme of some of their favourite shorts of recent years, ranging from dark, edgy comedy and body horror to quirky, indie drama with a sprinkling of affecting relationship stories and some outstanding experimental cinema.

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Saturday 3 June, 7:15pm

Screening award-winning and Oscar-qualifying shorts: The charming doc, ‘The Frying Game’, starring the home of the iconic deep-fried Mars bar and the wince-inducing but very funny comedy-thriller, ‘Jewels’. There’s Oscar qualifying short thriller ‘The Child and The Dead’, and two staff favourites from last year, the intense but funny, S & M dungeon-set, ‘The Session’ and the engaging, beautifully-performed comedy ‘Vegas’. C’mon and pop your corn!

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ADDED: Sunday 4 June, 2pm

After Saturday’s full house we’re repeating them again on Sunday in the cinema from 2pm.

More about Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Life is short so it’s just as well our films are too!

Launched in 2011, we’ve held screenings in cinemas and Arts Centres and held pavement screenings outside coffee kiosks and even film nights in basement Karaoke bars!

We also programme our best short films for international festivals this year including Tokyo’s Short Shorts and the Sardinia Film Festival.

For Hidden Door 2017, we’re planning a night of some of our best animated short films and a night of outstanding live action short film.

The cinema space was formerly the talent dressing rooms, it’s a nice layout for the cinema space and the pale yellow walls have a matrix of peeling, flaking paint that hangs languorously off the ceiling, it gives the place a kind of weird, top-down melted effect. In fact, it’s a kind of like being inside one of my lemon cheesecakes!

Knock knock knockin’ on Hidden Door