Heroes – Parlour



The Speakeasy


Fri 2 June 20:45
Sat 3 June 19:15

Heroes are an emerging Glasgow based theatre company led by director and writer Eve Nicol sharing brilliant contemporary plays and creating the text-based theatre of tomorrow about hope, heartbreak and horror.

For Hidden Door they will present Parlour Рa newly devised piece of theatre and installation that investigates the simulated world of video games to test the bleeding edge of IRL human morality.

The ubiquity of video games and the increasing digitization of our lives has created new frontiers where law or social expectations have yet to be exerted or are unenforceable. People have taken real-world vengeance for crimes committed in game by other plays. Players have been punished in-game for real world crimes. What is the cost and worth of the worlds we create in game. Do violent games promote violence, or are humans just programmed that way?

Parlour melds the iconography and language of video gaming and theatre to create a loud, vibrant performance to make audiences shiver.