Indefinite Article Audio Tour

Special Events


The old Leith Theatre


Wed 31 May 12:00
Thur 1 June 12:00
Fri 2 June 12:00
Sat 3 June 12:00
Sun 4 June 12:00

Explore the festival and journey the UK with the Indefinite Article audio tour.

The triggering of Article 50 marks a threshold, at which we feel it is urgent to stop and listen. We want to address a sense of people living in discrete social worlds, with insulation, misinformation and fear making it harder to listen openly and respectfully.

In response to this, we are traveling the UK in leaps of 50 miles, knocking on every number 50 door we see, and speaking to people we meet on the way. We want to go beyond the broad political issues to find out what is really important to people, and to identify shared hopes and values.

Pick up a map and some headphones and listen in to some of those conversations.

On everyday 12pm to 6pm Wednesday 31st May to Sunday 4th June.