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Jack King Spooner


The Speakeasy


Mon 29 May 14:00

Dreaming Up Future Possibilities

Jack King-Spooner is an artist who makes video games. His games span from the most objectionable to the tenderest of sentiments and always seek to express ideas that cannot be expressed in unvarnished prose.

This workshop will allow participants to make and mould simple animations that communicate what they would like to see happen to Leith Theatre in the future.

We had a few words with Jack to find out more….

Tell us more about your practice

I’m an artist who has been working with the medium of video games for the past 6 years. I guess I’ve warmed to interactive media because it allows for a multi-disciplinary approach- including visual art, writing and sound practices. For good while now I’ve tried to examine my creative ideas and find the medium that best expresses whatever it is that I’m looking for. Asking questions of the work is always important, is a painting the best way to express something ephemeral? Can you capture a moment with a performance? and the likes.

Your work is extremely site specific- what instigated your interest in the Old Leith Theatre?

I’ve sort of got a performance art background having playing in bands and done performances of live art. On top of that I have always seen a lot of similarities between video games and interactive theatre. When the opportunity came to somehow work with the theatre my mind just exploded with ideas.

Tell us a little about how you are involved in Hidden Door this year?

I’m going to do a workshop looking at the future of the theatre and of performance in general and look to somehow integrate it into a little game I’m making about the theatre.

What do you hope the young folks will take away from your workshop?

I’d hope that they would be more aware of their own practice and about think about what they want to see in future performances.

Lastly, how do you see your work at Leith Theatre evolving?

The ideas generated from the workshop could well turn into animations in the game. I hope that the game work progresses into almost an interactive archive of all the interesting goings on that have happened, are happening and will happen in the theatre.

Jack King Spooner sketch

Jack King Spooner sketch