Jill Martin Boualaxai

Visual Art


The old Leith Theatre


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Latin fossilis; “obtained by digging” Retrieved from the earth, dug out, dug up fodere: to dig

The remains of StorageTek Tape Carousel 1984 embedded in rock and preserved in petrified form.

synonyms: petrified remains, cast, impression, mould, remnant, relic, mineralise, old, extinct, outdated

Jill Martin Boualaxai is a visual artist who works predominantly with found objects, interweaving them with drawn and printed elements, sound, light and video to create immersive site specific installations.

For Hidden Door 2017, Martin-Boualaxai has diverged her practice into sculpture and will create a fossilised computer from hundreds of casts from the remains of the StorageTek Tape Carousel 1984. A sculptural installation where past technology becomes embedded in rock and preserved in petrified form.