John Hall

Visual Art


The old Leith Theatre


All festival

Selected Artist

Supported by Morven Macrae and Garvald Edinburgh.

John creates colourful, multi layered, abstract paintings adding structure to them through the use of a limited selection of motifs. Glimpses of underlying marks are revealed to hint at hidden depths and time passed. They are evocative of weathered land and mindscapes.

John accesses the Art and Design Studio of Garvald Edinburgh to paint. Being on the autism spectrum, John’s hypersensitivity gives him an attuned sense and control of colour. Whether the works are energetic or still and calm, each creates a space for a mediative moment.

A number of John’s colour pieces will be exhibited together creating new relationships between the works. Large wall pieces formed from smaller units will explore John’s use of colours and mark making and provoke questions of how colour affects us.

Garvald Edinburgh support people with a range of different abilities and disabilities to develop their skills in a warm, supportive, creative environment.