Koralia Maciej

Visual Art


The old Leith Theatre


All festival

Invited Artist

Koralia Maciej is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates large scale compositions which extend a dialogue with their surrounding space. She is inspired by industrial architecture, abandoned and overlooked fragments of distorted reality.

Her practice develops works as discrete containers of thought, memory or ideas, showing situations in which structures charge the space around them by reconfiguring the surroundings through poetic transformation. She invites the viewer to translate moments of dynamic presence into a static world, and to move into a space of abstract geometrical forms; creating three dimensional large scale objects which represents translated fragments of industrial cityscape. She is fascinated by visual alterations of the environment. For Maciej, moments of deconstruction are the starting point of the process of telling the story, rewriting it or creating a ‘to be continued’.

Maciej returns to Hidden Door 2017 as an invited artist to make a site specific, ambitious work in the main auditorium of the venue.