Marshall De’ath

Visual Art


The old Leith Theatre


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Invited Artist

‘Sound does not serve, it is.’ Michel Chion

Edinburgh-based Marshall De’Ath uses the site-specificity and emotive power of sound to explore relational narratives between the self and other in place and time. Through a practice that is both intensely personal and wholly public – fostering acts of deliberate and accidental engagement – she creates place-responsive, immersive works that combine acoustic vocal sound interventions with found objects, including film.

Working in the inter-disciplinary field of sound, visual and performance art she draws influence from pioneering minimalist musicians – Terry Riley, Steve Reich and David Sylvian – sound and film theorist Michel Chion and the multi-disciplinary New York Judson Theatre group.

For Hidden Door 2017, Marshall De’Ath is generating a new site-responsive sound and film work in Leith Theatre’s long-abandoned projection room, combining performed sound, recorded in the theatre, and the infinite narrative possibilities inherent in the act of projection.