Marshall De’ath


The old Leith Theatre


Invited Artist

Grounded in the materiality and spatiality of sculpture, my site-specific practice explores absence, presence, the self and the other through sound, installation, live performance and film. For Hidden Door 2017, I will be reflecting upon the unique and long-silent landmark of Leith Theatre in the creation of a new site-responsive work.

I use sound as a sculptural medium to explore perception of place and time through site-specific and immersive works. The practice is intensely personal and wholly public. It is collaborative in that no work is ever completed solo – depending always on the presence of others participating with or without intent as performers or audience. Works emerge through live or pre-recorded sound interventions that respond to and challenge the meaning of what is manifest in the visual field. While some remain purely sonic works involving vocalization and/or found sounds in specific spatial contexts, others combine objects with sound.