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Martin Elden and Morwenna Kearsley are based in Glasgow. Elden’s practise examines relationships to visual communication, with a focus on typography and letterform. Kearsley’s practice considers the physical and psychological properties of image with voice through photography, moving image and sound. For Hidden Doors, they collaborate on a site-specific installation investigating fear of empty spaces.

Horror Vacui, in an artistic context, is the fear of empty space. This principle was embraced from Moorish influence in the Mediterranean by the Spanish and particularly the Portuguese in the form of Azulejo. These tiles can be seen adorning interior and exterior walls across the country. The ornamental designs no longer follow any particular style or theme but do share common traits whether they are ornate or geometric.

Martin Elden is interested in the history of type and its function in communication and popular culture. Looking particularly at typography and letterform he investigates how we interact with it on a conscious and subliminal level.