Sarah Calmus

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The old Leith Theatre


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Selected Artist

“we are all agglomerations of quarks and electrons in a complex and fragile pattern that can perceive the beauty of the universe with visceral wonder.” *

Drawing influence from organic interaction, Echo Chambers considers the nature of action and reaction, of cause and effect. Questioning the social, political and atomical, physical reactions that occur in all realities, you are invited to partake in conversation, to participate in the multitude of realities and consider the power of incremental action.

Thank yous and acknowledgement

Building installations is rarely a solitary affair and so I would very much like to thank those that helped this work manifest for Hidden Door 2017. From concept development, technical assistance and manufacture, thanks go to:

Camera Obscura, Andy Stentiford and Ronan from Funktioncreep, Easter Road Plastics, Ross Blair, Sam Jones, Alix Rothnie, Steeevie Thompson, Jamie Baker, Linda Thompson, Chris Scott, Graeme and Jonny, Jill M Boualaxai, Hazel Johnson, Kostis Vrettos, Bart, David Martin, and all at Hidden Door, particularly the Team Leaders, Navida Galbraith and the Content, Poetry and Events teams for their kindness, patience and support.


More about the artist

Sarah Calmus is an interdisciplinary artist and creator of large-scale immersive installations, working across a multitude of mediums from glass and light, to social intervention and sound. Graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2014, Calmus has exhibited at Hidden Door for three consecutive years, as both a Selected and Invited artist. Calmus allows for, and encourages direct participation and interaction with her artwork.

For Hidden Door 2017 she will transform a space that interacts, responds and awakens to the presence of the participator.

With a heavy focus on participatory immersive installations, my work seeks to directly involve those interacting with it, providing space for an equally weighted exchange between the environment created by the artwork and the perception of the artwork by the participator. Illusory provocation and play are also commonly found elements in my work and this year’s Hidden Door piece hopes to combine these to maintain a sense of exploration and wonderment upon encountering.

Kindly sponsored by Funktioncreep