Sarah Calmus

Visual Art


The old Leith Theatre


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Selected Artist

Sarah Calmus is an interdisciplinary artist and creator of large-scale immersive installations, working across a multitude of mediums from glass and light, to social intervention and sound. Calmus allows for, and encourages direct participation and interaction with her artwork.

For Hidden Door 2017, she will transform two spaces which operate in tandem, in dialogue and interacting only when in the presence of a participator.

With a heavy focus on participatory immersive installations, my work seeks to directly involve those interacting with it, providing space for an equally weighted exchange between the environment created by the artwork and the perception of the artwork by the participator. Illusory provocation and play are also commonly found elements in my work and this year’s Hidden Door piece hopes to combine these to maintain a sense of exploration and wonderment upon encountering.