Sax Shaw

Visual Art


The old Leith Theatre


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Invited Artist

A favourite from 2015’s festival, Hidden Door are delighted to see Sax Shaw return with a new sculptural installation in 2017, this time on our invited artists programme.

Shaw’s practice centralises around material process; how material is in a perpetual state of change through a dualistic, iterative, exchange with process. As a maker, Shaw finds an inevitable interplay between his work and a pursuit to find his place, as material in an unending state of change.

For Hidden Door 2017, Shaw is composing an excerpt from his static performance of makers’ titled, ‘Torso’. Boiled leather figurers fixed on material manipulation are in the midst of creation; the viewer glimpses the makers’ environment at the juncture of material being transformed from one state to another through process. The piece examines our continuous, conscious and subconscious reformation.