Theatre Sans Accents – Lost in Translation



Backstage Theatre


Sun 28 May 14:00
Sat 3 June 16:00
Sun 4 June 13:00

Theatre Sans Accents presents Lost in Translation: A Bilingual Journey

Theatre Sans Accents is an innovative bilingual educational theatre company in Edinburgh that teaches foreign languages through drama to children and adults. We are also dedicated to make languages and the Arts accessible and diverse locally and internationally by offering a space and a voice to bilingual artists.

Lost in Translation is the first original production, currently in development. Examining bilingualism as an internal and external journey across language and culture, from South of France to the Highlands, this production will question what it means to be bilingual and will demystify the language learning process.

Deeply rooted in family history – a young woman will grow out of her linguistic heritage (French Patois Occitan) to find her path with the English language all the way up north to Gaelic. Inspired by British literature: from Jane Eyre to Harry Potter, she progressively finds her voice until she reaches the shores of Old Albion, where myths and fantasies meet reality. She adopts this new tongue and language, forging a new identity and an hybrid accent.

This production will be performed in four different languages: Occitan, French, English and Gaelic exploring various dialects and accents yet will still be accessible by all regardless of the language they speak. Not a soliloquy, not a one woman show, this performance will be interactive inviting the audience to a dialogue.

Learning a foreign language, just as a child learns to speak, you understand certain signs, interpret them and learn to use them to communicate with the outside world.

But first you are lost in translation….

Embark on this unique voyage beyond frontiers and lose yourself in the words and their meanings!

Our participation at Hidden Door Festival aims to reflect the cosmopolitan aspect of Edinburgh and Scotland. This celebration promotes cross-cultural exchanges and create a sense of community for people regardless where they’re from beyond linguistic, ethnic or geographical boundaries. We are thrilled that you are a part of it!

Please note that the 4 pm slot on Sunday the 28th of May is a workshop and not a performance.