Tragic Carpet – Rendition


The old Leith Theatre


30 May - Multiple performances from 2pm

Tuesday 30 May, multiple performances

Tragic Carpet Visual Theatre presents… Rendition

“Extraordinary rendition” is the transfer—without legal process—of a detainee to the custody of a foreign government for purposes of detention and interrogation. Between 2001 and 2009 over 130 individuals have been held and tortured as part of the CIA’s detention and interrogation programme.

“I was told during this period that I was one of the first to receive these interrogation techniques, so no rules applied. It felt like they were experimenting and trying out techniques to be used later on other people.”

Rendition uses puppetry, soundscapes, object, shadow and visual theatre to explore the collusion between the CIA and the British Government; the juxtaposition between extreme vulnerability and absolute power; and the story of one man’s experience as the first suspect to be taken into the CIA detention programme.

Rendition is a eulogy to human fortitude and was first devised and performed at Curious Puppetry School’s final showing in March 2016 as a response to the creative brief: ‘Shifting Focus, being two characters simultaneously’.

Tragic Carpet Visual Theatre formed in 1988 out of Middlesex Polytechnic. Tragic Carpet exists to explore the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. The company uses ensemble visual theatre, movement, object theatre, puppetry, circus, mime movement, music and light to tell its epic stories. “Ensemble theatre at its best”


Freda O’Byrne

Freda is a visual theatre director, puppeteer and social activist. Her performance work explores the circumstances of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and her social activism centres around creating and or facilitating projects and collaborations that deliver the potential for change at the point of need.