unDependence Film Festival



The Cinema Space at the old Leith Theatre


Sat 3 June 14:30

Saturday 3 June

2:30pm Film Programme

unDependence Film Festival brings a programme of short films that promises to shake things up! Our modern age has landed us in a world of isolation, paranoia and anxiety. At a time of instant and perpetual communication, many people feel frightened of what lies beyond their front door. In the spirit of Hidden Door 2017 unDependence encourages you to speak to your neighbour, create something outlandish, and help us bring a pulse back to the old Leith Theatre.

More about unDependence

unDependence Film Festival is a thematic film festival harnessing the spirit of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum to deliver a programme of international shorts and features that deal with themes of dependencies. unDependence is celebrating its three year anniversary in April 2017, in both Edinburgh and Stirling, by bringing personal, national and global stories that exhibit what it is to be dependent, independent, and indeed undependent.