Hidden Door

8 things you didn’t know about King Stables Road

We’re all  familiar with Kings Stables Road, right? Right. We all know it’s the best shortcut to princes street and more recently the home of Hidden Door. We found out some fun facts about Kings Stables Road that you might not know…

  1. The sale of live animals was forbidden in the town, and this was why cattle were to be sold outside the city wall at King’s Stables Road
  2. This road was so named because the Royal horses were kept at the base of the Castle Rock
  3. Tournaments were held there, in honor of of James IV [1488-1513]
  4. The area was acquired by the City in 1663 and cattle and horses continued to be sold there even when a cattle market was established in Lauriston Place in 1843 ( rebels eh?!)
  5. In 1867 King Stables Road became a temporary hospital for an outbreak of small pox and cholera
  6. Two of the infamous Burke and Hare murders were committed in Tanners Close- which runs behind KSR. According to his confession Burke hid in the stables during one of these murders with his victim whom he drugged, before dragging her to Tanners Close where he smothered her
  7. Grannies Green on KSR is one of Edinburgh’s best kept sunny day secrets! Next sun filled day grab a juice and a sambo and head on up there and bask under our city’s greatest monument
  8. It’s becoming a cultural hub- housing some of Edinburgh’s newest and finest tech agencies. King Stables Road is the future!

From 27 May – 4 June 2016 Hidden Door will return to the amazing disused street lighting depot behind Kings Stables Road in Edinburgh. Click here for ticket info