Hidden Door

Bright Side Studios on collaborating at Hidden Door

We grabbed some time with Cristina Spiteri and Susanna Murphy from Bright Side Studios to hear about their experience of working with Hidden Door and why they’d recommend that people get involved in 2017.


What work have you presented at past Hidden Door festivals?

Collaboration is hugely important to us, each year we have brought together different artists that we love and respect to create a unique piece together. In 2014 we created a large geometric projection mapped installation based on around sacred geometry as part of our Adventures In Light collaboration with Richard Anstice.

In 2015 we explored the decline of the bee population with a gorgeous collaboration with botanical artists Pyrus and sound artists Callumn Easter & DTHPDL. Together we created an immersive living environment filled with flora and foliage, projections and sound, mimicking the inside a living hive. The foliage died over the course of the week representing the decline of the honey bee.


This year we worked with folk artist Pantovola and spoken word poet Alabaster DePlume to create an immersive cinematic experience and short film “Precious”, blending spoken word, stop motion animation and projection mapping to broach the subject of mental health in aid of the Joshua Nolan Foundation. Each year we push ourselves to do something different and reach out to new collaborators, it is a wonderful experience.


What was your experience of working with the festival?

It has always been very rewarding, the creative community built around Hidden Door is really special and a wonderful thing to be part of, it’s such a positive and enriching experience that allows us to really flex our creative muscles and push what we do via collaboration and an amazingly open brief.

What was the most rewarding aspect of being a contributor?

The live feedback, being in the space when people are experiencing and talking about your work, hearing true, honest feedback has such great value to an artist.

How did you find Hidden Door as a space for collaboration?

Amazing, it’s the perfect place to experiment with new collaborations and ideas, it feel really good to bring new life into derelict spaces.

Heart of the Hive - photo: Chris Scott Heart of the Hive – photo: Chris Scott

What would you say to anyone thinking of getting involved with Hidden Door?

Go for it, you won’t regret it, it’s a great springboard for creatives and collaborations to try new ideas.

Finally, congrats on the Creative Edinburgh nomination for the Startup Award! How does it feel to get this recognition of your wonderful work?

It’s a great honour to be recognised along side so many fantastic companies that we respect and admire. We are real grafters and massively passionate about what we do, so for this to be recognised in our first year feels very special.

Hidden Door 2017 will take place 26 May – 4 June 2017 at the old Citadel Theatre in Leith. Our call for proposals is still live with the following deadlines: