Hidden Door

Alex Mascolo

Visual Art

With a background in anthropology, forensic anthropology and art, Alex Mascolo’s interdisciplinary research sets out to explore the subject of death within British society, using photography as a way to highlight, explore and encourage discussion around the topic of death and grief.

The so called British taboo of death, or what may be more aptly named British reluctance to acknowledge or discuss death, creates a complicated relationship with the dying and loss as a process. By opening up discussion and using visuals, this provides the permission needed by many to think through and open up themselves to their own mortality and the mortality of those close to them.

Alex will present ‘Commemoration: Objects of Perpetual Remebrance’ at Hidden Door 2019. This series explores the personal side of death and grief by documenting through photography and sound, the dedications and memorials that individuals create and keep as a reminder of those that have died. In contrast to the uniformity of cemetery dedications, these objects, although similar in nature, show how varied and individual memorials can be. The objects, which include photographs, clothing, jewelry and  tattoos of remembrance show the connection between the individual and the personal memorial, how the lives of the dead are not forgotten and how they may live on through the objects they leave behind. How each individual approaches their objects is very different, showing the range of feelings associated with death and the variety of ways that the dead have been commemorated.