Hidden Door

Becky Sutton

Visual Art

Becky Sutton’s creative practice explores unseen fragments of the natural world. By focussing on these often overlooked details, she reminds the viewer of their undeniable interconnection with these fragile parts of the living environment.

Her project, consisting of hand-printed monotype prints, is presented as an immersive installation. The piece focusses on the liminal territory where water meets land, having manifested itself whilst exploring the waters of Loch na Cartach, Isle of Lewis.

The juxtaposition between the machinic process of the printing press and the study of the organic river line is reflected in the disjointed way the prints are presented. All created individually, the monotype prints fit together as a jigsaw would. The ‘broken’, yet systematic, arrangement reflects the delicate nature of these interconnected fragments. Elements of the natural world that are fragile, affected by every little thing that we, humans, do.