Hidden Door

Daniella Turbin

Visual Art

Daniella’s research-led practice explores the materiality of drawing. Her practice is rooted in contemporary drawing; she primarily uses the medium of graphite and paper. Her research is based around the historiography of paper and pencil making, and takes the form of studio and site specific works in paper, performance, writing, sculpture, sound and video.

Daniella Turbin completed her Masters in Fine Art Practice at the Glasgow School of Art in 2016.

Fabrica – Hidden Door Festival 2018

 ‘Fabrica’ was a drawing atlas which responded to the content and structure of Andreas Vesalius’ drawing atlas; De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (1543). The atlas derived from a collaboration between Andreas Vessalius and the studio of Titian, produced during the sixteenth century as an aid to both artists and medics in the anatomical and life drawing room. ‘Fabrica’ has been created by Daniella through working linearly in the original De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (1543). By drawing directly into the original publication Daniella created a conceptual template and a revised history of life drawing.

Daniella also contributed to Hidden Door in 2016.