Hidden Door

Tef Dara

Visual Art

For Hidden Door 2019, Dara will present ‘Iners is’- a real-time audio visual performance that  takes place in the virtual world  of  ‘Obfuscated  Konkat’.  The performance explores a small subset of this procedurally generated world and the experience revolves around the exploration of abstract audiovisual spaces through a heavily musical form. The performer must gather and craft audiovisual entities using a game-like system that allows the concatenation of musical units in specific configurations. Then comes the challenge of playing these audiovisual units against an adaptive system, in a somewhat rhythmical way.  

Dara is an audiovisual artist based in Edinburgh. His work is focused on 3D real-time audiovisual systems. He creates nonlinear game-like compositions that explore themes such as chaos, silence, dissonance, altered states, Human Computer Interaction and other intersections of culture and technology. He aims to blur the boundaries between contemporary audiovisual art and video games by creating game-like performance systems. In addition, his works take the form of installation pieces and standalone games/applications. 

Some of his recent work were shown at The Tablbot Rice Gallery (Edinburgh), Edinburgh Festival of Sound, Sonorities festival (Belfast), Iklectikgallery (London), Paradigm festival (Edinburgh), The Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh) and Sound Thought festival (Glasgow).