Hidden Door

Henry Martin

Visual Art

Henry Martin is based in Coldstream and works predominately with collage and object making.

Sensitively responding to the architecture of the theatre, for Hidden Door 2019, Henry will install a series of collages, sculptures and gilded objects- the combination of each culminating in a play on perspective, and the reversal of the logic of the building from performer to viewer.

Vault No7 – Hidden Door Festival 2016

Through a variety of practice, optical, musical and experimental means, the walls of Vault No.7 at the Waverley Arches became receptor surfaces for Henry to try to affect its dematerialisation. Painting directly onto brick, Henry carefully controlled perspective lines, focus, shadow and colour creating a sort of alternate logic of pattern contradicting the existing space whilst being supported by it.

Tesselate – Hidden Door Festival 2014

Led by the solicitations of the building, the visual lines, vistas and surfaces which have emerged as the site has aged, discreet wall drawings emerged and referred to architectonic shapes and the play between actual and fictional space. The delicate nature of the drawings alluded to concealed wall paintings and frescoes which had been whitewashed in places of worship during periods of reformation. Existing alongside and parallel with other uses of the rooms and connecting spaces the drawings became interwoven with the architectural anomalies of the sites in which they existed.