Hidden Door

Koralia Maciej

Visual Art

Koralia Maciej is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates large scale compositions which connect with their surrounding spaces. She is inspired by industrial architecture, abandoned and overlooked fragments of distorted reality.

Exploring printmaking since 2000, Koralia’s large scale prints can be modified simultaneously while maintaining formal relationships between individual graphics in the narrative mode. Her practice explores a process of recreation and manipulation of observed fragments of landscapes, shapes, details and sometimes methods of interpretation of the parameters of solutions recorded in a memory. She is fascinated by visual alterations of the environment and invites the viewer to translate moments of dynamic presence into a static world, moving into a space of abstract geometrical forms.

Maciej’s work has been exhibited for more than 15 years in Poland, Germany and the UK. This August she will complete an MA Exhibition Design degree at Napier University. This is the third time Koralia will show her work at Hidden Door Festival. Her artwork this year aims to collect and orchestrate numerous personal impressions to comment on Brexit and reflect upon its impact on society.

Hidden Door Festival 2017

In 2017 Koralia returned to Hidden Door as an invited artist and made a site specific, ambitious installation in the main auditorium of the Leith Theatre.

Invisible City – Hidden Door Festival 2016

For Hidden Door 2016, Koralia installed ‘Invisible City’ exploring the idea of conceptual architecture as a process of re-creation of visual ‘voids’ that could be filled with new meanings. It was a synthesis of composition, scale, chiaroscuro, contrast and illusion of a three-dimensional space captured in a two-dimensional sheet of paper. Koralia referred to an ‘open form’ theory based on a concept of jigsaw puzzles, where parts of recreated reality are subjected to the narrative process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction – an ongoing creation of the space between.