Hidden Door

Kristina Chan

Visual Art

For Hidden Door 2017, Kristina Chan presented STAGE RIGHT, a site specific print installation – monumental in scale – of the venue itself, to serve as homage to the once abandoned Leith Citadel
Theatre: its resurrection from dereliction to once again take centre stage, both metaphorically and
literally, to today’s emerging artists.

“My works are a culmination and accumulation into site specific history to depict socio-cultural entropic narratives. They explore the correlation between architecture and sculptural landscapes of derelict and disused spaces. I seek sites where the intersection between function and intention have fallen into decline and disrepair, where untold histories recount themselves, in all their brevity, satire, beauty, and collapse.

“I work within the reimagined human landscape, looking back to see within: the immense intimacy of the world we shape to suit our needs and what happens when their obsolescence renders them