Hidden Door

Lotte Fisher

Visual Art

Returning to Hidden Door Lotte Fisher will revive the derelict corners of the Leith Theatre with fictional worlds of strange creatures, structures and landscapes explored by Lotte’s alter ego, the explorer, Freeman MackInesker. Having shown her work with Hidden Door in 2017, Lotte has gone on to exhibit in familiar and foreign cities of Glasgow and Hong Kong, constructing worlds with languages and power structures as incompressible to Freeman as they are to us.

Tenzing – Hidden Door Festival 2017

Hidden Door 2017 saw Lotte focus on the city of Islador, a city of huge variety and intrigue. Lotte transformed the ramshackle toilet cubicles of the Leith Theatre into an expansive landscape of hills, rivers and buildings with creatures of every kind peeking out from unexpected places. Lotte aimed to reflect the melange of creatures and architectural styles present in our earthly modern-day cities as well as in those of Tenzing.