Hidden Door

Lucy Wayman

Visual Art

Lucy Wayman is a Welsh artist based in Edinburgh and has worked from her studio at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop since she graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016. Her work revolves around material constraints, contrasts and forms. She is interested in playing with opposing preconceptions of objects and their functions, especially in relation to the human body. Repetition is a key element in her work, as it is this comprehensible order she relies heavily upon. Through inherited craft techniques, such as weaving, knotting and macramé, she creates an emotive tension amongst the forms.

Most recently, she has been commissioned to create a new public sculpture for the cycle path close to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, connecting Newhaven to Edinburgh City Centre. The work, created from marine rope, follows Wayman’s interest in the industrial and historic uses of rope, connecting ideas of system, control, and release.

Hidden Door Festival 2018

For Hidden Door 2018, Lucy adorned the foyer of the State Cinema with a woven installation consisting of 20 metres of hand-beaded mesh fringing above our heads; a beautiful counterpoint to the derelict space as well as a quiet but glamorous reference to the cinema’s golden days.