Hidden Door

Martin Elden

Visual Art

Reality and recollection- two themes that formed the foundation for Martin’s installation in the State Cinema in 2018; a cinema within a cinema. Binding childhood experiences in Africa with enquiries into the nature of space and environment, Martin’s practice has developed through film projection, sculpture, and printmaking. Returning to Hidden Door for the third time, Martin shall showcase a series of collage works proposing a playful alternative to typical, commercial methods of advertisement.

ALPHA- Hidden Door Festival  2018

Martin’s work situated in the State Cinema referenced the artist’s childhood memories of the first cinema he visited in his South African hometown. The cinema no longer exists and so the scale model represented an idealised space, drawing on the inaccuracies of recollection, dream spaces and the actual and symbolic distance of childhood.

Shedding Plates like Snakes – Hidden Door Festival 2017

Martin collaborated with artist Morwenna Kearsley to create an installation of video and hand painted stencil ‘tiles’ entitled  ‘Shedding plates like snakes’.

The ‘tiles’ were painted with a geometric pattern made up of dots. The design was developed by using decorative samples from old typography catalogues. The ‘tiles’ were pasted onto the floor and walls of the space with the video projected onto the floor from the ceiling. The video projected multiple versions of the Lumiere Brothers “The Moth Dance” into the dark space illuminating the dots.