Hidden Door

Tracy McGovern

Visual Art

Tracy McGovern (Tracy Hall) is a painter working at Garvald Edinburgh. Her bold style embues the ‘folk’ she paints with individuality and character, conveying both vulnerability and resilience. For Hidden Door 2017 Tracy exhibited a selection of her paintings of ‘good old Scottish folk’ filling the space with joy and empathy. We’re delighted to welcome her back for Hidden Door 2019.

“It’s Good Old Scottish Folk cos I love them,” explains Tracy. “I like all their faces—I want to show my paintings to people—I want them to see my work. It is very important. I feel wonderful when I have an exhibition.”

Tracy’s ‘Scottish folk’ are direct—her style conveys complex often contradictory emotions. Vulnerable and resilient, they are celebratory of life. Evocative of childhood, they hint at defiance and joy and her art is a place where loss and optimism
co-exist. Her vibrant use of colour reinforces the sense of hope in her work.