Hidden Door

Hidden Door to bring iconic band to Leith for Edinburgh International Festival

Hidden Door is delighted to announce we are bringing The Jesus and Mary Chain, one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands ever to come out of Scotland, to play the Leith Theatre as part of the Edinburgh International Festival programme “Light on the Shore” this August.

The band became notorious in the 1980s for breaking all the conventions of pop and rock music, bringing not only an incredible sound – influenced as much by The Beach Boys’ pop tunes as by the Stooges’ iconoclastic punk noise – but also an attitude to music that was subversive, challenging and utterly brave.

To bring this iconic band to the Leith Theatre feels like a perfect match.

Hidden Door has been invited by the Edinburgh International Festival to curate a part of their programme this August, which will see the Leith Theatre enter the next stage of its highly promising rejuvenation towards becoming a fully-functioning venue again.

The night, Tuesday 14 August, will see support from groundbreaking bands Honeyblood and Spinning Coin, both of which create indie noise-pop firmly rooted in the legacy of the Mary Chain. There will be further events announced and extra parts of the programme to make the evening extra-special and reflect Hidden Door’s commitment to cross-arts programming.

Hidden Door celebrates innovation in the arts and wants to promote brave creativity. This line up perfectly expresses this ethos, and to be able to see the Leith Theatre taken on by Edinburgh’s biggest festival is such a fantastic feeling. We are proud that it is being used as a venue beyond Hidden Door and we are delighted to have played such a crucial role in its re-emergence.

May the Leith Theatre shine brightly for Light on the Shore!

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