Hidden Door

“Scotland’s best new live music venue”

Wow, we are blown away by this piece by David Pollock writing in The List:

Opinion: Leith Theatre is Scotland’s best new live music venue. Let’s do everything we can to keep it going

If you live in Edinburgh and you have even a passing interest in live music, you need to get to the Hidden Door Festival at Leith Theatre before it finishes this weekend. Honestly, drop everything and make time. If you have kids, take them during the day for a wander round and a look at some free visual art. This place is incredible. Not a ‘gosh, that’s interesting, I didn’t know this was here’ kind of incredible; more ‘hold on, this is the best live music venue in Scotland outside of the Barrowlands and it’s been used for Council storage and gathering pigeon shit for 30 years? That’s obscene!’

We couldn’t agree more. Read the whole piece here and please, please, please come and support us in our final few days…