Hidden Door



Calum Scott and Charlie Cook both use the potential of combinations of electronic and physical forces- of gravity and water to create sculptural outcomes.

Starting in the Leith Theatre, Calum’s installation can be found at the uppermost part of the building- on the rooftop. Tin buckets rise and fall on a seesaw lever moving in accordance to the wait of water in each of the vessels. Drips of water hit the interior of the tin vessels creating a ringing sound; the pitch of which is determined by the depth of water already resting inside.

Calum is currently undergoing PhD research investigating the significance of the physical object in contemporary sound art seeking to forge links between sound and the physical world connecting visual art with a wider conversation about post-digital culture and aesthetics.

A clip of Calum’s installation can be found here: https://vimeo.com/272588790

Over at the State Cinema below the hubbub of the North Junction Street, Charlie Cook has installed ‘Round of Applause’. Charlie Cook’s work is recognised for its comic sensibility and potential functionality as both sculpture and apparatus for performance. Round of Applause is the name of Charlie’s kinetic contraption with 30 arms poised awaiting release triggering a round of applause. The sculptural installation “will be its own biggest fan’”.

Charlie’s work received significant recognition at the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2016 where he exhibited a tile covered slide reminiscent of an extract of a swimming pool. Charlie made a video of himself rollerblading off the top of the structure- a public demonstration of the artist’s refreshing approach to creating artwork that displays impressive craftsmanship and literally a platform for performance. Suspending an audience’s attention and releasing it again on a carefully crafted cliffhanger is something Charlie has gotten down to a fine art.

Round of Applause will be operated by Charlie on the following dates:

Saturday 2nd June – 2pm and 7.30pm
Sunday 3rd June – 2pm and 7.15pm