Hidden Door

Supportive Quotes

Here are some of the nice things people have been saying in support of Hidden Door…

“The contribution that Hidden Door made when they worked with us to open up Leith Theatre last year and showcase its potential made an absolutely massive difference to the Trust’s progress. It’s important to support grassroot arts organisations who give space and a platform to emerging artists. I really hope they succeed in raising enough money to keep contributing to Edinburgh’s edgier and inclusive scene.”

Irvine Welsh, author and Patron of Leith Theatre

“Hidden Door Festival is one of the most exciting and innovative events happening across Edinburgh’s vibrant arts calendar. I see its future and reputation growing in stature as it progresses forward, and I wholeheartedly support its vision. Scotland and Edinburgh especially needs this event to flourish and succeed!”

Vic Galloway, DJ and presenter, BBC Scotland

“Hidden Door has been instrumental in our campaign to save the theatre, and generous in its time and support. We very much hope that it will succeed in its bid to raise funds and remain an exciting and passionate voice in Edinburgh and Scotland’s cultural scene.”

Jack Hunter, Chair of Leith Theatre Trust

“Artists with a learning disability generally remain a marginalised group as they continue to face barriers to inclusion in the ‘mainstream’ art world and their work is not readily accepted as traditional ‘outsider art’. Hidden Door have selected Garvald artists work for the last two festivals and are leading the way for us in diversity and inclusion, creating opportunities and opening doors for the artists.”

Morven Macrae, Garvald Edinburgh

“The Festival creates a dynamic platform for Scotland’s emerging cultural producers and creative talent, supporting and enabling them to make ambitious new work and develop their creative practice. The festival tradition of discovering forgotten spaces is important in raising awareness of the value of the arts, place, identity and the potential resource that a dormant space is for the city.”

Lorna Duguid, Creative Scotland

“Hidden Door was a very welcoming, energetic, and creative festival environment. The inclusiveness of the music festival made the newer dance programme feel like it had a place to grow and be nurtured into something bigger.”

Eowyn Emerald, dancer and choreographer

“The opportunity to present my work at the Festival opened up many doors – since then, the work has toured Scotland to various events and festivals, been supported through Creative Scotland and has recently been developed for outdoors performances.  Hidden Door was an invaluable opportunity to me, and provides a vital platform for emerging and fledging artists”

Katie Armstrong, dance artist

“I think the festival as a whole, celebrating so many different kinds of art, is unique in itself. It’s also really great be part of the revival of the Leith Theatre after it lay dormant for so many years up until last year’s Hidden Door.”

E M I L I E, singer/songwriter

“Hidden Door still ranks as one the band’s favourite gigs – playing in a visually beautiful space and just the atmosphere of the festival in general made it a special night. Making music (or any type of art) in this city can sometimes be a dispiriting process due to venue closures and restrictions, so when a beautiful event pushing local artists comes along I think it’s our job to support it as much as possible.”

Earth Wire

“In just five years, what the team behind Hidden Door Festival has achieved is quite remarkable. The festival has left an immovable, and much needed, creative footprint on the city”


Miranda Heggie, The Arts Desk