Hidden Door

Friday 31 May

6pm – 3am

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The Friday night of our 2019 Weekender is a nine-hour(!!) celebration of some of the most acclaimed electronic musicians in the country alongside some of the most exciting new electronic acts from Edinburgh!

What’s distinctive about our Friday night line-up?

Hidden Door has never had 9 hours of non stop seamless music before – and it’s not just the music – the visuals are also a huge part of this night, so expect the most completely immersive experience Hidden Door has ever produced!

Electronic music can mean a huge range of things, but this is all about how beautiful electronic music can be.

What can I expect from the acts?

Nathan Fake

Imagine Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada on a night-time road trip across a vast mysterious landscape, and you are beginning to imagine Nathan Fake – it’s intense, but it’s lush, atmospheric and beautiful – more about the whole sound than the beats, this will transport you.

George Fitzgerald

If you like Bonobo or Four Tet and want to hear something even more beautiful, prepare yourself for George Fitzgerald. This is electronic music production at it’s most achingly poignant, yet with a toughness and energy that ensures this will be a captivating and hard-hitting live show.

Kelly Lee Owens

This is blessed out, atmospheric techno pop – lots of playful quirky hooks and swathes of dreamy vocals from this inspirational composer. Imagine Daniel Avery and Jon Hopkins crossed with the dreamy vocals of the Cocteau twins or even Slowdive.


Maranta are brand new – gaining a reputation for explosive electro-pop live sets in Edinburgh – imagine if Bjork was studying at Edinburgh College of Art and was just getting started now… you wouldn’t want to miss that would you?

The Reverse Engineer

Squelchy textures, tasty beats and quirky glitches are what come out of the Reverse Engineer’s strange machines when he feeds them with his huge range of samples, old acid lines and collected noises. Intelligent electronic music full of character.

Sum up the vibe

Seamless music going from fun and quirky in the early evening, to uplifting and beautiful to the close.

More than a gig, this will be a truly immersive Hidden Door experience.

Friday 31 May, 6pm – 3am

Buy tickets from Citizen Ticket or TicketWeb

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