Hidden Door

Saturday 1 June – Late Night

Late Night Session 11:30pm – 3am

Tickets from Citizen Ticket or TicketWeb

Back by popular demand, we’ve split our Saturday night offering to offer a full-on club night as the legendary Maya Jane Coles presents Nocturnal Sunshine.

What’s distinctive about this night?

This is a club night at Hidden Door. It runs from 11:30-3am and focuses on showcasing an amazing DJ and music producer, in this case Maya Jane Coles. She is playing under her alias Nocturnal Sunshine.

What can I expect from the night?

When Maya Jane Coles performs as Nocturnal Sunshine, it’s all about the Dubstep. Ideal for happy dancing – and the baselines – OMG – they are DEEP!

“A stunning journey of immersive and emotive house music.”

“So absorbing that by the end you’ll be left wondering where the time went.”

“She is a visionary worthy of our time and attention. A must-hear for anyone looking to experience the future of electronic music.”

Sum up the vibe?

Dancing ecstatically to one of the country’s absolute top young DJs.

Saturday 1 June Late Night Session, 11:30pm – 3am

Tickets from Citizen Ticket or TicketWeb

20% discount for those attending both Saturday events (including the evening session with Crystal Fighters) just add both to your basket via Citizen Ticket and enter the code saturdayallnight

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