Hidden Door

!t’s Th!s (Utop!a) – Hidden Door Live S03, E07


For our latest Hidden Door Live show, we bring you a pop anthem for imagined futures. A SALTYDOLLS manifesto. A love song to the feminist manifestos that came before us. A boot up the arse of the patriarchy and a rallying call.

Theatre company SALTYDOLLS provide a taster of what they’ll be doing at Hidden Door Festival in September. VIVA SALTYDOLLS!

With thanks to the following contributors: Sita Iona Pieraccini, Sarah Muirhead, Vasilis, Thoren Barrass and Dylan Lloyd. Also thanks to those who partook in the video: Becky, Finlay, Daisy, Hassan, Winnie , Bush, Mira and Marcin.


SALTYDOLLS is a new theatre company formed by Estlin Love and Fiona Oliver-Larkin. Our work is loud, irreverent, glamorous and tender, made to shake up and disrupt social norms, revealing oppressions and offering beautiful and messy solutions.  

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Whilst developing their project, SALTYDOLLS have been sharing lots of manifestos for inspiration and provocation. Here are some of them: