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Utopia Project - Hidden Door Live

Utopia Project – Hidden Door Live S03, E06

“Utopia was here at last: its novelty had not yet been assailed by the supreme enemy of all Utopias—boredom.” – Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End

For as long as humans have dreamed, we have looked at the world around us and wondered how to make it better – how to make it perfect. These attempts have manifested as some of humanity’s greatest triumphs and most tragic failures. Now, in what is destined to continue that noble tradition, Post Coal Prom Queen and Hidden Door welcome you to the UTOPIA PROJECT, which streamed live on Thursday 29 April 2021.

PCPQ filmed interviews with four of Scotland’s most interesting arts and culture personalities to ask them what utopia means to them and about their favourite visions of the future. These fascinating interviews were published in the run up to the live show, and are also now available to view below.

On the night, Post Coal Prom Queen debuted songs from their upcoming EP – filmed at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh. PCPQ were also joined by Mio Shudo – a traditional Japanese storyteller – who shared a beautiful story on a utopian theme. Plus, in their UK live premiere, we presented an exclusive live set filmed in Tokyo from the stunningly unique Japanese electronic innovators macaroom.

These interviews, stories, and cross-cultural events epitomise the PCPQ vision of a utopia – a world of beautiful collaboration unburdened by borders. #PCPQUtopiaProject.


Live Show


Ian Rankin

Acclaimed author Ian Rankin shares his thoughts on the ecstasy of live music, how criminal justice reform can improve society, and the idea that human nature simply doesn’t allow for a utopia.

Etienne Kubwabo

Filmmaker, comic book creator and DJ Etienne Kubwabo discusses the importance of courage, utopian ideals and what makes Glasgow a unique backdrop to science fiction.

Laura Lam

In the third instalment Lily and Gordon sat down with Sunday Times bestselling author Laura Lam to discuss Star Trek’s utopian ideals, bad science in sci-fi movies, and the oxymoron of “benevolent corporations”.

Amna Saleem

And in the final (for now) UTOPIA PROJECT interview, Lily and Gordon sat down with Amna Saleem – screenwriter, journalist and broadcaster – to talk about the importance of radio, pop culture, and storytelling to creating a better world.